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Are you suffering with a postural distortion (e.g. hunched shoulders, painful lower back), a muscle imbalance (e.g. knock knees or bandy legs) or are going through rehab?

I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist. Once you have been diagnosed by a medical professional (such as a GP or Physiotherapist)  I can design a bespoke programme to address postural issues or distortions, muscle imbalances or immobile joints.

With musculoskeletal pain on the increase (think... sitting hunched over a computer screen all day in an unsuitable chair!) my aim is to optimise your quality of movement.  This enhances performance, increases injury resistance, improves movement efficiency and helps recovery from injury.

I follow a tried and tested formula to detect overactive and or underactive muscles followed by progressions of functional integrated exercises to reinforce lengthened and strengthened musculature.


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