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“In March 2016 I decided to join Impulse leisure centre, to try and lose weight following a recent calf injury.  I went to the gym regularly and initially saw some weight loss, however as the year progressed I continued with the exercise but the weight crept on and I never felt like I was making any progress.  I suggested PT sessions as a possible Christmas present idea - some thought  I was mad - but the results say different!

Since January 2017 I have had 2 PT sessions with Emma most weeks, she has encouraged me to try harder, pushed me beyond my limits and given me the motivation that I needed.  Every session I have had with her has been different, days when I really couldn’t be bothered to go she has managed to get the best out of me.  I'm not the lightest  I have ever been, but I have lost 16lb of fat, my percentage of muscle has increased from 64% to 72%, my BMI has dropped from 29.1 to 26 and my metabolic age from 43 to 32.  I have lost 74 cm in total, which includes 13 from my waist ordering size 10 shorts puts a smile on my face! The thought of running 5km would have filled me with fear, now  I'm achieving distances of 10km and beyond, and am hoping to complete both a 10 mile and 1/2 marathon in the next year.

I have learnt a lot on this journey with Emma, including age (or being a Granny) is not an excuse not to exercise, there is something for everyone!  We focus far too much on weight and forget the fact that the mass of a lb of fat is so much more than a lb of muscle.  And most importantly I did it for me, not because someone thought I should, but because I wanted to be healthy and have the energy much needed for my grandchildren!  I am now totally addicted to the gym, it provides a social life as much as an opportunity to exercise, getting to meet lots of lovely like- minded people who are all on their own journeys.

Emma has given encouragement, advice on diet, constant support and I know without her I would probably by now have left the gym and given up!  I'm looking forward to continuing this journey and excited to see what else I can achieve”.



Amanda before and after

         Amanda.......... Before      &      After!



“I write this testimony and recommend Emma without

hesitation. I was due to get married in May and my dress was extremely fitted, with limited leeway for any minor body indiscretions! I specifically wanted a programme to slim my waist, and target my lower body, whilst providing me with all over general body toning.


From experience I knew I put on muscle easily so I wanted to avoid bulking up.


Emma listened to my needs from the start and designed and put together a tailored programme that met those needs exactly. By combining medium/high impact cardio with targeted lower body exercises using bands, discs and weights Emma worked me hard but nothing beyond my capabilities, building up the intensify over time. Emma also allowed me to

switch out different exercises if I preferred some to others with the effect being I got the tailored programme I needed, homing in on the specific exercises for my body that I could really FEEL working.


I saw the results of our hard work quickly and the end being I felt amazing in my wedding dress - my husband thought so too!

Kate in wedding dress

'm now  hoping to book up some more sessions with Emma before the upcoming honeymoon and be bikini ready!


If you're prepared to put the effort in and want real

results that you can actually see then Emma's sessions are for you”.



"I have been training with Emma for just over 6 months and I am thoroughly enjoying our sessions. I do everything I can to block the one morning a week that I train. I signed up to improve overall fitness, loss of weight, toning and thanks to Emma bringing boxing into the training I get great way to de-stress too! The sessions are tough but enjoyable and I always feel that my whole body gets a thorough workout. Sometimes I suffer from back pain and Emma helps me with some exercises and stretching tips. I would definitely recommend Emma! Whatever your goals are she will listen and identify how to help you reach them - and if you play your part by putting some effort in too, the results will speak for themselves."



"I really enjoy training with Emma, she always makes sure she knows what my goals are so that she can focus on what we do and makes each session different to keep it interesting and challenging. She understands my lifestyle and gives me workouts which fit in with my other commitments. Emma is encouraging and supportive - an excellent personal trainer."



"Weigh in before my 5th personal training session with Emma Gregory and already lost half a stone whoop whoop xx Thank you!"



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